A Conscious Coach™ Conference Online

Inspiring Coaching Success


September 29 - October 1, 2019
San Diego, California

Creating sustainable, scalable coaching businesses
through connection, learning, and inspiration.

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"The business of business is relationships.
The business of life is human connection." ...Robin S. Sharma

In today’s digitally-connected world, are we losing our connection with each other? A Conscious Coach™ Conference brings together entrepreneurial business leaders and coaches connecting them through their shared mission of changing lives for the better. We are uniting the life-changers and the game-changers!

This gathering of 40 expert speakers will serve up an experience for conference participants that connects Mind-Body-Soul, nurturing Relationships with others who are collaborating on a shared mission to make a difference in the world!

A Conscious Coach™ Conference will be a fun, inspiring and nurturing experience. We aim to empower and ignite conference participants to thrive and fully step into a life of joy, and abundance in both their life and business.

Conference Themes & Workshop Tracks

Eah conference theme will have a keynote speaker and 9 breakout workshop sessions. The workshops are being designed not only to inspire you, and teach you ideas and concepts, but also to provide you with practical worksheets and exercises you can directly apply in your coaching business.

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Self-Development & Mindset
  • New Tools & Practices

All Conscious Coach Conference speakers are entrepreneurs who embody the conscious lifestyle and have created a sustainable business through connection.

Business Strategy & Development

Business strategies and planning to build and grow a scalable and sustainable business model.

Entrepreneurs must structure their business for success and to sustain themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.  Learn the tools and strategies from top entrepreneurs in the field to sustain and scale your business, build online courses and plan retreats.

Marketing & Sales

Develop your target market and marketing strategies. 

Need leads? Learn marketing skills that produce fruitful leads. Develop a target market and content marketing and learn social media marketing that gets you those leads. 

Now, take the next step by learning strategies that close leads in a way that aligns with you. 

New Tools & Practices

Learn tools and practices that build up your clients and your own practice. 

You’ve created a breakthrough for your client. Now what? Master the tools and actions that build up your clients while building your practice. Learn Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and emotional release strategy.

Self Development & Mindset

Workshops to inspire and nurture your mind, body and soul into a harmonious and sustainable balance.

Break free from limiting beliefs. Be empowered and incited to take the next big step in entrepreneurship. Thrive not only in business but all areas of life. Experience the power of developing mindset and engaging in Ted-style talks.

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