Creating sustainable, scalable coaching businesses, through connection, learning and inspiration.

General Sessions

VIP Mastermind Session
Mastermind Panel - Mindset & Tools 
Online Live Panel in Facebook

Track 1 - Business Strategy

Natalie Ledwell, Keynote 
- You Got This
Daniel Goodrich 
- How to Get Your Head Out of the Sand and Legally Bulletproof Your Business 
Eric Nghiem 
- Hack Your Business Finances 
Krisha Young 
- The Ascended Coach 
Lisa Kelley 
- Branding from Essence 
Dr. Tom Teague 
- Build Your Online Business Successfully 
Pam Covarrubias 
- Stop Worrying and Start Winning with Robust Systems for Your Business 
Andrew Gottlieb 
- $0 to $1M in Sales with No Marketing Budget, Outside Financing, or Clue of How to Run a Company 
Sheryl Roush
- Speak Like a Pro! How to Build Credibility and Attract More Business Through Speaking
Alexandria Tomayko 
- Lead & Revenue Generating Events 

Track 2 - Marketing & Sales

Alex Meade 
- Always Be Helping! How Inbound Marketing Can Grow Your Business
Ashely Spedale 
- Content Creation 
Evan Galeano 
- Using Your Story & Video to Sell 
Laura Rubinstein 
- Instagram Strategies for Lead Generation 
Mike O'Neil 
- Going Further & Faster with LinkedIn 
Zac Collins 
- YouTube Channel Secrets 
Lanny Morton 
- Leveraging Your Facebook Ads to Explode Your Coaching Business 
Jenny Scholl 
- Always Be Closing ... with Purpose and Authenticity 
Jessica Shaanan 
- Never miss an Opportunity Again: The Arty & Science of Networking 

Track 3 - New Tools & Practices

Dr. Allen Bittaker
- Breathwork and SRI Facilitator 
Robert Harrison 
- What is NLP and How Does it Work? 
Matthew Cooke 
- Shift from Grind to Aligned for Greater Focus and Performance 
Siobhan Wilcox 
- How to Uplevel Your Home to Support You 
Shola Abraham 
- Sound of the Soul 
April Walker 
- Reike and Energy Management 
Dana Bridget 
- Natural Vitality via Oils & the Power of Residual Income 
Katy Bray 
- Perfectionism and Stress: The Art of Managing Expectation 

Track 4 - Self-Development & Mindset

Dave Buck, Keynote 
- Play Life with Tenacious Self-Love 
Arianna Zabriskie 
- Why Coaches are Forging the Path of Psychology 
J'aime Radow 
- The 3 Simple Steps to Unlocking a Mental Block 
Charles Clay 
- Train Your Mind to Lead with Your Heart for Greater Alignment, Impact and Fulfillment 
Alisha Frank 
- Manifesting the Unknown
Sylvia Becker-Hill 
- Closing the Pricing Gap - Gain the Confidence for Premium Prices Which Empower Your Clients AND Fill Your Bank Account 
Diane Forster 
- How to Reinvent Your Life and Live Intentionally 
Dr. John Jacob 
- How Your Interaction Style Affects the Success of Your Business 
Ania Volovique 
- The Ultimate Reframe 
Deana Morton 
- Importance of Creating Your Mission, Vision, and Values 

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