A Conscious Coach™ Conference

 September 29 - October 1, 2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
General Session Starts at 9:00 AM
Keynote at 10:00 AM

Morning Session



Topic and speaker to be named soon.

11:00 AM - Morning Break
Workshop Sessions Start at 11:30 AM

Business Strategy Topic
... Alexandria Tomayko


Workshop description coming soon

How to Rapidly Scale Your Business using Shapr
... Lucas Capestany

In this lecture, I am going to be explaining how companies can use this little known app to rapidly scale their business. I will be covering the strategies that my company, Twiz, has used to scale to 45 clients on retainer.


Self-Development & Mindset Topic
... April Walker

Workshop description coming soon.

How Your Interaction Style Affects the Success of Your Business
... Dr. John Jacob

workshop description comng soon


1:00 PM - Lunch Break
Workshops Sessions Start at 2:30 PM

Business Strategy Topic
... speaker to be named soon


Workshop description coming soon.

Triple Your Traffic & Revenue with YouTube in 2020
... Liz Germain

Learn how YouTube SEO and automated video marketing systems can triple your traffic, generate free leads on autopilot and scale your business in 2020.

New Tools & Practices Topic
... Candice Johnson

workshop description coming soon.

Self-Development & Mindset Topic
... Lindsey Curry

Workshop description coming soon.

4:00 PM - Afternoon Break
Workshops Sessions Start at 2:30 PM

$0 to $1 Million in Sales with No Marketing Budget, Outside Financing or Clue of How to Run a Company
... Andrew Gottlieb

In Andrew's workshop, he'll be sharing his methodology of building No Typical Moments to its first $1M in sales with no marketing budget, outside financing or prior experience as a business owner. He'll be sharing the secrets of his businesses success which he called Impact with Profits. It's their way of doing business that merges rapid prototyping, conscious capitalism and corporate strategy. As a result of attending this workshop, you'll understand how to grow your company in a responsible manner that doesn't burn you out, leaves your customers as raving fans and makes the world a better place.

Marketing & Sales Topic
... speaker to be named

Workshop description coming soon

New Tools & Practices Topic
...speaker to be named

workshop description to be added soon...

Self-Development & Mindset Topic
... speaker to be named soon

Workshop description coming soon.

6:00 PM - Keynote - to be named

7:00 PM - Conference Close


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