Alex Meade

Always Be Helping! How Inbound Marketing can Grow your Business

You are great at your job! You are amazing at working with your clients and helping with their challenges. But, you don’t know where to start with marketing. You have heard you should have good SEO, you should be on social media, and you MUST have a website. This all sounds overwhelming, right? You are not alone!

Inbound marketing methodology that utilizes the knowledge and expertise you have to attract, engage and delight your prospects and customers through educational, informative, and value-based content. 

In this presentation, you will learn how to identify who your ideal customer is, how to build a simple content strategy to attract new prospects, acquire more customers, and keep them longer. Oh, and we hope you have a little fun in the process.

3 Key Take-aways:

  1. Identify & Understand who is your target your customer (buyer persona).
  2. Build an inbound marketing strategy targeting your buyer persona
  3. How to implement your strategy and start growing your business

About Alex Meade

Alex Meade co-founded Beacons Point, a growth marketing agency, 8 years ago with a friend. Alex's philosophy is simple, always be helping. Beacons Point works with medium-sized businesses to help them grow better. The customer and how we do business is changing. 77% of customers want to research on their own before calling a salesperson or the company. We help find new customers and keep your existing customers longer using the inbound marketing methodology of helpful content.

 When not helping companies grow, Alex enjoys watching sports, talking about Star Wars, volunteering, hiking, drinking coffee/craft beer, and spending time with his 6-month old Max, wife, Mary Beth, and dog, Hank.

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