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Business consultant and CEO, Alexandria Tomayko is the founder of Nomadic Planning and A Conscious Coach Conference. Having grown up in a home where events were always over the top and amazingly executed, she appreciates the importance of creating incredible memories for her clients through her own experiences. She continues this tradition of hosting and creating unique experiences through her organization, Nomadic Planning in the form of retreats, workshops and multi-day events. Ms. Tomayko has over 13 years of experience in event planning, business consulting, and operations and logistics. Wanting to give back to the community with her gifts of planning and execution, she created A Conscious Coach Conference in the Spring of 2019; A coaching experience designed to connect coaches and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to change lives and make a difference in this world.

Ms. Tomayko completed her BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in hospitality management at the Latin American University, Costa Rica and an undergrad for culinary arts at The Cordon Bleu Foundations of France. One of her greatest accomplishments was the orchestration of a specific program for lifeguards in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. This particular success funded on duty lifeguards who performed 20 rescues in the first month alone. While working one-on-one with business owners, Ms. Tomayko is on a continuous mission to create and develop non-profit organizations that hold a dear and meaningful purpose to her heart. 


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