Ania Volovique

The Ultimate Reframe: How a shift in perspective, and choice of words will transform your reality.

3 Main Takeways:

  • Power of Intention
  • The Energy of Words 
  • The Magic of Giving Through Receiving

About Ania Volovique

Just a month ago, doctors diagnosed Ania Volovique with brain cancer. Days later, on her 36th birthday, she woke up in the hospital, just after undergoing emergency surgery to remove what surgeons said was an aggressive 5 cm wide tumor.

Ania has consciously chosen to embrace this cancer experience, reframing what many would consider to be “worst-case scenario" into what she considers to be the best birthday present she's received yet. 

Ania has been vulnerably sharing the insights and blessings she's been receiving throughout this journey. Join her on Saturday as she shares how anything in life can be reframed into a best-case scenario.


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