Ashley Spedale


Everything You Know About Content Creation is Wrong

Content Creation is Easy. It can be recycled on all platforms

  • planning content
  • bringing a personal brand into content
  • showing up consistently and authentically

About Ashley Spedale

I’m a makeup artist (among other creative talents) turned Personal Brand Coach & Host of the Brunch with the Universe Podcast! I'm also a Content Creation Expert! I help Entrepreneurs create a unique style that aligns with them so that they can feel confident

 in their brand! My intention is to help you find your identity, help you curate content that feels good, push through any mindset blocks or fears and discover your most authentic self so that you can show up feeling Confident in your own skin online & in real life!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for years.  First running my own business as a makeup artist, styling photoshoots & indie films, next starting a cupcake company called Glittle Cupcakes. To starting a pin line called Pineapple Pancakes. Running my lash extension business, Luna Lashes. To becoming a DJ, & an Influencer creating my own brand. I have over a decade of experience in the creative field of business.

Connect with Ashley Spedale

Host of the Brunch with the Universe Podcast



Instagram: @ashleyspedale


Blog: Glittle Wonderland



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