Charles Clay

Train Your Mind to Lead with Your Heart for greater alignment, impact and fulfillment

What to do when you feel stuck, misaligned or overwhelmed? 

Experience The Guided MBM Practice (specific Movements, Breathwork and Meditation) to release resistance, re-align with your heart, and take inspired action. 

3 Benefits:

  1. Learn how to turn stress into focused energy to help more people.
  2. Increase Productivity and free-time with the Laser Focus Method.
  3. Make Working Fun again.

About Charles Clay

Charles Clay is a dynamic Speaker, Published Author, Men’s Empowerment Coach and Founder of M Powered Men’s Mastermind and Group Training as well as a Neurokinetic Pain Relief Specialist.

He has dedicated his life’s work to optimizing our human potential by improving the mind-body-soul connection. Charles has helped countless men transform their pain into purpose with his Roadmap to Self-Healing & Self-Mastery and he offers powerful and playful practices for releasing resistance, tension and stress to activate our zone of genius and share our greatest gifts. 

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