Diane Forster

How to Reinvent Your Life and Live Intentionally

Learn how to go from being overwhelmed and feeling stuck to living your life with passion, excitement and purpose with Diane's 3-Step Intentional Living Process.

Diane knows how it feels to reach a point of no return where life seems to be spiraling out of control. Through her own painful journey out of chaos, Diane discovered how to transform those spiraling forces into POWER and changed her life forever. Diane teaches you exactly how you can do it, too.

Through Diane's years' of experience and her journey back to herself, she discovered How to Live with Intention and How to Use the POWER of Your Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Actions to Create Life on Your Own Terms. She teaches you how to do it as well through her 6 Easy-to-Implement Secrets that will have you Living the "I HAVE TODAY" Way!

Diane's audiences sit on the edge of their seats, leaning in, moving from tears to laughter, as they feel the positive, empowering shifts immediately!

Diane talks about the freedom in forgiveness, the importance of setting intentions, and the power of making decisions. Imagine going from feeling stuck with no passion or purpose to feeling hopeful, excited, focused and energized! She will dispell feelings of fear, doubt and worry and infuse the audience with confidence and other empowering, uplifting emotions.

Anyone, at any age, at any stage in their lives, will benefit from this life-changing, empowering presentation!

Learn how fast you can turn your life around and create the life of your dreams...and you can do it TODAY!

About Diane Forster

Diane Forster is an Intentional Living Expert & Reinvention Specialist. She's a bestselling author, TEDx and keynote speaker, and a mentor. Diane is also an award-winning inventor. Her

patented kitchen product, The Spifter, a sifting spoon for decorating and embellishing foods. Diane has been featured on ABC, QVC, the Chicago Tribune, Disney, Business News Daily, Inventors Digest, Small Business Digest, as well as several podcasts, TV, radio and media outlets.

Connect With Diane Forster

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/dianeforsterofficial/
Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianeforsterofficial/  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dianeforsterofficial
Email: info@dianeforster.com 


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