Dr. Allen Bittaker

Breathwork and SRI Facilitator 


  • Breathwork techniques
  • How to Navigate the Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster with more ease
  • Frameworks for effortless change 

About Dr Allen Bittaker

Dr. Allen Bittaker is a Network Spinal practitioner and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) facilitator who specializes in helping High Performers reach their full potential, experience more energy, and optimize their conscious awareness. He combines the power of spirituality, personal development, and chiropractic to enhance the wellness of his clients. Dr. Allen is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs to become leaders in their careers, relationships, and lives.

Connect with Dr Allen Bittaker

Facebook: Allen Bittaker

Facebook Group: Biohacking For Entrepreneurs 

Instagram: drabittaker,  Dr. Allen Bittaker


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