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Eric Nghiem has been in the financial consulting world for the past 15 years. He founded AVE Enterprise, a tax firm focused on tax preparation with a franchise model. At the time he grew his practice to over 4 locations and 2500 clients. As an Enrolled Agent, he represented taxpayers before the IRS in matters of audits, tax controversy and negotiations. Eric successfully represented small businesses and individuals in the matters of audit and examination at the IRS Field Offices. His practice was well known in Central Massachusetts for being an advocate and advisor to many small businesses and closely held corporations. In 2013, he sold his practice and relocated to California with his son to create a boutique tax planning firm that focused on entrepreneurs and investors. Eric and his team focus on providing individualized and bespoke tax strategy for clients to help increase their cashflow and reduce their tax liability. While most tax professionals are historians and merely record and file based on past year numbers, the Cashflow Doctor team builds proactive tax and financial strategy to help you achieve your business and personal goals while reducing overall cost.

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