Evan Galeano

Story + Video Sells : How to Crush Video Marketing

Be prepared how to use video and storytelling to compel buyers in your online communication to actually take action from behind the screen. You will learn how to tell the right stories, how to approach talking on camera, and how to create videos that work as more than videos, but assets that drive traffic and sales. 

3 Key Takeaways: 

  1. How to crystalize your message so it lands with viewers. 
  2. How to appear more confident on camera.
  3. How to implement your videos so you are best positioned for success. 

About Evan Galeano

Evan Galeano is a video marketing strategist and runs his own video agency dedicated to growing businesses. Evan believes video is the most powerful tool in the world to grow a business and movement online, so he began creating video business cards and the marketing strategies around them, to share his client's stories in a way that creates understanding, and compels buyers to take action online.

Connect with Evan Galeano

Facebook & LinkedIn: Evan Galeano

Instagram: @evan_galeano 

website: evangaleano.com/business


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