Laura Rubenstein

Instagram Strategies for Lead Generation  

Instagram draws 10x more engagement for business accounts than any other social network! Think there are only millenials there? Think again 33% are age 29 to 49. And now the millenials are gaining more purchasing power. If you're ready to leverage Instagram and be seen by more of your target market, join us for this high content session. Especially if you are perplexed because some Instagrammers get tons of followers and engagement and others don't! Would you like more leads coming from Instagram? Laura Rubinstein is pulling back the curtain and sharing the strategies that businesses are using to attract and engage their ideal clients. You'll walk away excited to use this fun platform, have a playbook of what to do next, and discover:

  • Simple optimization hacks that make you more findable
  • Types of posts that grow your popularity
  • Pro tips for engaging your target market
  • Strategies to grow your leads for your business

About Laura Rubenstein

Coach Laura Rubinstein is an award winning Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Leadership Coach, speaker and bestselling author of the book Social Media Myths BUSTED: The Small Business Guide To Online Revenue. She is the founder of Social Buzz Club, the influencer marketing platform that uses gamified content sharing to help your content go viral. Laura has developed marketing and branding strategies for more than 1,000 businesses, celebrities, coaches, speakers and authors across the globe helping them create more profits and brand popularity.  Her profit-generating strategies and popular blog at make her a highly sought after speaker and consultant.

Connect with Laura Rubenstein

President, Social Buzz Club

Phone: (619) 940-6569

Snapchat: CoachLauraR


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