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Branding from Essence

Do you already have a successful business though find there is a disconnect in attracting your ideal clientele?  There is so much more to branding than a logo and tagline. In my class you will learn how getting the right vibration of who you and your business really are can significantly grow you and your business!

My “Branding from Essence” class, will teach you

1.)  How to use your ego AND essence to succeed.

2.)  How to use 3 vital senses (see, hear and feel) to find and speak to your perfect target audience.

3.)  The 3 B’s.  Balance, Boundaries and Behaviors.  Are you speaking your truth? Do you have healthy boundaries?  Are your behaviors healthy or self-sabotaging? 

Yes…branding will continue to consist of logos and colors…  taglines and websites. My experience has been that if you start from within…( Whether you are refreshing an existing business or starting a new one) the logo and entire brand identity can turn your passion into a sustainable business. that you’ll feel proud of and connected to! 

About Lisa Kelley

Lisa Kelley is a Certified Professional Coach and the President & Co-Founder of SALES:CREATIVE, A digital creative agency specializing in Branding and Marketing Strategies.  Prior to opening up her own agency, she had over 20 years’ experience working with the top Fortune 50 companies. Lisa is a branding and marketing strategist as well as an International Speaker and Global Business Strategist.  She is on Faculty at an International Entrepreneur Organization, where she mentors’ entrepreneurs. Her classes have been broadcast in over 140 countries and her strategies are being taught in Universities throughout the United States.  

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