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Shift from Grind to Aligned for Greater Focus + Performance
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Where do your most productive ideas come from? The shower, a walk on the beach, or maybe on a drive? It’s never at your desk...

Most entrepreneurs are on the emotional roller coaster of their business. Shift from Grind to Aligned in Focus + Performance will teach you research-back to neuroscience and practices to help you ground yourself throughout the day, feel inspired, and have great relationships at home. So you can consistently grow your business without the high-highs and the low-lows. 

Let’s throw out the burn out and overwhelm. So you can create and contribute more Aligned results for Humanity.

About Matthew Cooke

Matthew Cooke, the Founder and Creator of Body-Based Breakthrough and The Supreme Performance Academy, is an expert on the Neuroscience of Unconscious Productivity + Fulfillment. For close to a decade, Matthew has helped conscious entrepreneurs create sustainable internal and external systems for Supreme Performance, through his background in neuroscience, movement and organization strategies. His Work helps Conscious Entrepreneurs maintain their health, while building their wealth.

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