Siobhan Wilcox

How to Uplevel Your Home to Support You

Do you work from home?  Did you realize that your environment has a direct impact on your success levels and consciousness. 

It can be locked for money or health, that you can literally be allowing money to go down the drain. 

Join Siobhan Wilcox, who has been healing properties for over 25 years and discover the magic of Feng Shui to help you Uplevel your life and career.

  • Discover how your home is impacting you
  • Learn how to unlock your home so it helps you Uplevel
  • Learn to amplify your Home’s Prosperity Energy

About Siobhan Wilcox

Siobhán is originally from Ireland and now lives in Oceanside; she is a best-selling author, Soul Whisperer, Home Harmonizer & Intuitive Coach. Her passion is to help others turn on their OWN MAGIC, increase their intuition, creativity & joy and release them from a life-time of emotional burden.  She helps to UPLEVEL lives, homes and relationships with ease. Healing since she was six, she has appeared on many forms of media in both Ireland & the USA and has been part of two television pilots, one for a major network. Her incredible ability to access unseen information from your SOUL, as well as past-lives, your Angels and Guides, brings her clients quickly into a healing space. With over 25 years of transforming people lives with her magical gifts, Siobhán has impacted thousands of lives. Born with the ability to heal with her hands and read energy, she is a true master at her craft and holds thousands of hours in holistic therapies.

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