Evan Galeano

Story + Video Sells : How to Crush Video Marketing

Be prepared how to use video and storytelling to compel buyers in your online communication to actually take action from behind the screen. You will learn how to tell the right stories, how to approach talking on camera, and how to create videos that work as more than videos, but assets that drive traffic and sales. 

3 Key Takeaways: 

  1. How to crystalize your message so it lands with viewers. 
  2. How to appear more confident on camera.
  3. How to implement your videos so you are best positioned for success. 

About Evan Galeano

Evan Galeano is a video marketing strategist and runs his own video agency dedicated to growing businesses. Evan believes video is the most powerful tool in the world to grow a business and movement online, so he began creating video business cards and the marketing strategies around them, to share his client's stories in a way that creates understanding, and compels buyers to take action...

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Daniel Goodrich

How to get your head out of the sand and bullet-proof your business

In this workshop you’re going to learn from experienced corporate counsel and never-ending entrepreneur Daniel E. Goodrich, Esq. how to legally bulletproof your business in the most cost effective and innovative way so you can confidently focus in your zone of genius knowing you have a sophisticated and protected business behind you.      

3 Takeaways

During the workshop we will explain misunderstandings and answer untruths that most small business owners and entrepreneurs tell themselves:

  1. “How do I protect myself and my business from other people stealing my ideas or not paying me for my services?”
  2. “What can I do to establish a level of business sophistication at this stage in my venture?” 
  3. “I don’t think I’m ready to afford having a dedicated corporate counsel team. It’s too expensive for where I’m at with my...
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Andrew Gottlieb

$0 to $1M in Sales with No Marketing Budget, Outside Financing or Clue of How to Run a Company

In Andrew's workshop, he'll be sharing his methodology of building No Typical Moments to its first $1M in sales with no marketing budget, outside financing or prior experience as a business owner. He'll be sharing the secrets of his businesses success which he called Impact with Profits. It's their way of doing business that merges rapid prototyping, conscious capitalism and corporate strategy. As a result of attending this workshop, you'll understand how to grow your company in a responsible manner that doesn't burn you out, leaves your customers as raving fans and makes the world a better place.

About Andrew Gottlieb

Andrew Gottlieb is the CEO and Founder of No Typical Moments. No Typical Moments is an online customer acquisition company that aligns with impactful companies and brands who are championing new ways to advance humanity and leave the world a better place. 



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Robert Harrison

What is NLP and How Does It Work - To Make You a Better Coach

In this presentation you’ll discover the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and enter a conversation about how you can use it to become a better coach and get FAST results with clients.

  • Learn a simple technique for getting un-stuck in your coaching business.
  • Understand the basics of NLP and how you can use it to improve your service offering.
  • Discover how to manage your mental and emotional state for peak performance.
  • Explore the future of NLP in Coaching

About Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison is A Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor of Hypnosis through the National Guild of Hypnotists, trainer, and partner with NLP Institute of California, former President of the Master Hypnotist Society, and founder of The Hypnotist Academy, Robert has created award-winning Hypnosis programs that are proven and road tested.He is the author of ‘First 50 Clients: A Toolkit for Hypnotists and...

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Dr. John Jacob

How your interaction style affects the success of your business

We have created an algorithm that can predict relationship outcomes for all relationship types even before your very first interaction. The algorithm is based on a new understanding of how our Neurohormones influence our needs and how we and our clients interact to get those needs met. 

You will learn the 5 basic needs every client or customer is desperate to have satisfied. Connection is the fancy word to describe a deep “bond”, and the new science about this applies to all relationships. Your clients, your partner, your children, your co-workers, all need to feel connected to you in order to be influenced by you to perform. Your interactions either build or break down that relationship or bond. A client also needs to feel connected to feel safe. When a client feels safe you can get them to do whatever you’re asking. Do you want them to change? Do you want them to make a purchase or to invest in...

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Lisa Kelley

Branding from Essence

Do you already have a successful business though find there is a disconnect in attracting your ideal clientele?  There is so much more to branding than a logo and tagline. In my class you will learn how getting the right vibration of who you and your business really are can significantly grow you and your business!

My “Branding from Essence” class, will teach you

1.)  How to use your ego AND essence to succeed.

2.)  How to use 3 vital senses (see, hear and feel) to find and speak to your perfect target audience.

3.)  The 3 B’s.  Balance, Boundaries and Behaviors.  Are you speaking your truth? Do you have healthy boundaries?  Are your behaviors healthy or self-sabotaging? 

Yes…branding will continue to consist of logos and colors…  taglines and websites. My experience has been that if you start from within…( Whether you are refreshing an existing business or starting a new one)...

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Natalie Ledwell

You've Got This

Natalie Ledwell knows what you're going through. After a friend approached her and her husband in 2007 to start an internet business helping people make movie vision boards, her STEEP learning curve began. She went from not even knowing what YouTube or Facebook was to orchestrating a $700K launch of Mind Movies online during the biggest economic crisis we've seen in our lifetime.

Join Natalie as she shares the Mind Movies journey and specific strategies you can adopt right now to shift your focus and outcomes to create your most successful and fulfilling business ever.

About Natalie Ledwell

Natalie Ledwell is a bestselling author, host of The Inspiration Show, co-host of the cable TV show WAKE UP, and founder of Mind Movies, the hugely successful and revolutionary online Personal Development company. 

Natalie along with her two business partners started with a ‘cool idea’ of creating movie versions of vision boards or Mind Movies, to building a...

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Eric Nghiem

Hack Your Business Finances


About Eric Nghiem

Eric Nghiem has been in the financial consulting world for the past 15 years. He founded AVE Enterprise, a tax firm focused on tax preparation with a franchise model. At the time he grew his practice to over 4 locations and 2500 clients. As an Enrolled Agent, he represented taxpayers before the IRS in matters of audits, tax controversy and negotiations. Eric successfully represented small businesses and individuals in the matters of audit and examination at the IRS Field Offices. His practice was well known in Central Massachusetts for being an advocate and advisor to many small businesses and closely held corporations. In 2013, he sold his practice and relocated to California with his son to create a boutique tax planning firm that focused on entrepreneurs and investors. Eric and his team focus on providing individualized and bespoke tax strategy for clients to help increase their cashflow and reduce their tax liability....

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Alex Meade

Always Be Helping! How Inbound Marketing can Grow your Business

You are great at your job! You are amazing at working with your clients and helping with their challenges. But, you don’t know where to start with marketing. You have heard you should have good SEO, you should be on social media, and you MUST have a website. This all sounds overwhelming, right? You are not alone!

Inbound marketing methodology that utilizes the knowledge and expertise you have to attract, engage and delight your prospects and customers through educational, informative, and value-based content. 

In this presentation, you will learn how to identify who your ideal customer is, how to build a simple content strategy to attract new prospects, acquire more customers, and keep them longer. Oh, and we hope you have a little fun in the process.

3 Key Take-aways:

  1. Identify & Understand who is your target your customer (buyer persona).
  2. Build an inbound marketing strategy targeting your buyer persona
  3. ...
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Mike O'Neil

Going Further and Faster with LinkedIn

This snappy presentation first puts audience members on the same page with LinkedIn. Then it focuses on LinkedIn's expanding role in the modern business world including targeting, content, posting, network building, messaging, systemization, data and CRM systems. 

There is something for everyone. It is simple, yet advanced; fun, yet serious. Special 4-page LinkedIn InfoGuides heighten the experience. Those that are the most familiar with LinkedIn will gain the most.

About Mike O'Neil

Mike O’Neil, CEO of Integrated Alliances, is a true LinkedIn industry pioneer who reached the exclusive LinkedIn summit of 30,000 connections in 2009 on his way to winning two Forbes Top 50 Social Media awards. He authored “Rock the World with LinkedIn” and has contributed to dozens of other social media books. He is known as “The LinkedIn Rockstar” in social media circles. Since 2004, Mike has been coaching, training and...

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