Pam Covarrubias

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About Pam Covarrubias

Pam is dynamically skilled as an Intuitive Brand Strategist, Podcaster, Speaker, Certified Crystal Healer, and Recovering Procrastinator. She primarily spends her time elevating small businesses by helping them develop their brand in intuitive ways, while also staying true to their unique story. Throughout her diverse career, Pam learned the importance of branding and positioning in an ever-changing market. She utilizes her natural skills, as a highly intuitive and creative human and as a strategic marketer, to develop systems that help individuals accomplish their intentions. She brilliantly blends creativity and practicality to help her clients achieve success. Pam’s mission is to Spread Ideas, Move People. As a creator, speaker, mentor, and visionary, she strives to bring products, support, insight, and accountability to those around her.

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Daniel Goodrich

How to get your head out of the sand and bullet-proof your business

In this workshop you’re going to learn from experienced corporate counsel and never-ending entrepreneur Daniel E. Goodrich, Esq. how to legally bulletproof your business in the most cost effective and innovative way so you can confidently focus in your zone of genius knowing you have a sophisticated and protected business behind you.      

3 Takeaways

During the workshop we will explain misunderstandings and answer untruths that most small business owners and entrepreneurs tell themselves:

  1. “How do I protect myself and my business from other people stealing my ideas or not paying me for my services?”
  2. “What can I do to establish a level of business sophistication at this stage in my venture?” 
  3. “I don’t think I’m ready to afford having a dedicated corporate counsel team. It’s too expensive for where I’m at with my...
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Andrew Gottlieb

$0 to $1M in Sales with No Marketing Budget, Outside Financing or Clue of How to Run a Company

In Andrew's workshop, he'll be sharing his methodology of building No Typical Moments to its first $1M in sales with no marketing budget, outside financing or prior experience as a business owner. He'll be sharing the secrets of his businesses success which he called Impact with Profits. It's their way of doing business that merges rapid prototyping, conscious capitalism and corporate strategy. As a result of attending this workshop, you'll understand how to grow your company in a responsible manner that doesn't burn you out, leaves your customers as raving fans and makes the world a better place.

About Andrew Gottlieb

Andrew Gottlieb is the CEO and Founder of No Typical Moments. No Typical Moments is an online customer acquisition company that aligns with impactful companies and brands who are championing new ways to advance humanity and leave the world a better place. 



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Lisa Kelley

Branding from Essence

Do you already have a successful business though find there is a disconnect in attracting your ideal clientele?  There is so much more to branding than a logo and tagline. In my class you will learn how getting the right vibration of who you and your business really are can significantly grow you and your business!

My “Branding from Essence” class, will teach you

1.)  How to use your ego AND essence to succeed.

2.)  How to use 3 vital senses (see, hear and feel) to find and speak to your perfect target audience.

3.)  The 3 B’s.  Balance, Boundaries and Behaviors.  Are you speaking your truth? Do you have healthy boundaries?  Are your behaviors healthy or self-sabotaging? 

Yes…branding will continue to consist of logos and colors…  taglines and websites. My experience has been that if you start from within…( Whether you are refreshing an existing business or starting a new one)...

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Natalie Ledwell

You've Got This

Natalie Ledwell knows what you're going through. After a friend approached her and her husband in 2007 to start an internet business helping people make movie vision boards, her STEEP learning curve began. She went from not even knowing what YouTube or Facebook was to orchestrating a $700K launch of Mind Movies online during the biggest economic crisis we've seen in our lifetime.

Join Natalie as she shares the Mind Movies journey and specific strategies you can adopt right now to shift your focus and outcomes to create your most successful and fulfilling business ever.

About Natalie Ledwell

Natalie Ledwell is a bestselling author, host of The Inspiration Show, co-host of the cable TV show WAKE UP, and founder of Mind Movies, the hugely successful and revolutionary online Personal Development company. 

Natalie along with her two business partners started with a ‘cool idea’ of creating movie versions of vision boards or Mind Movies, to building a...

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Eric Nghiem

Hack Your Business Finances


About Eric Nghiem

Eric Nghiem has been in the financial consulting world for the past 15 years. He founded AVE Enterprise, a tax firm focused on tax preparation with a franchise model. At the time he grew his practice to over 4 locations and 2500 clients. As an Enrolled Agent, he represented taxpayers before the IRS in matters of audits, tax controversy and negotiations. Eric successfully represented small businesses and individuals in the matters of audit and examination at the IRS Field Offices. His practice was well known in Central Massachusetts for being an advocate and advisor to many small businesses and closely held corporations. In 2013, he sold his practice and relocated to California with his son to create a boutique tax planning firm that focused on entrepreneurs and investors. Eric and his team focus on providing individualized and bespoke tax strategy for clients to help increase their cashflow and reduce their tax liability....

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Sheryl Roush

Speak Like A Pro!

How to Build Credibility and Attract More Business Through Speaking

Want to attract more clients? Faster? And with less effort?

Discover how giving presentations – yes, SPEAKING – gives you greater credibility and attracts business. Why speak to one person, when you can address a group, gain more clients at the same time, hear your message, AND sell products and services – all at the same time! Enroll clients faster as they will know, like and trust you already!

Whether you’re presenting at your own, or on someone else’s program, Whether you’re delivering live in-person, or via a webinar,
reap the benefits of speaking!

In this fast-paced session, you will:
* Learn simple techniques to get hired
* Explore ways to easily craft your message
* Discover the 7 “channels” of listeners, how to reach each, and enroll them

About Sheryl Roush

Sheryl Roush, is CEO of Sparkle Presentations Inc.  Since 1987 she has been...

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Dr. Tom Teague

Build Your Online Business Successfully

Does the thought of building an online business seem a little overwhelming? Maybe you’re already hip deep putting together 4-5 different technology systems and trying to make them all work together – website, blog, marketing funnels, email automations, online sales, and online content- delivery. Using online technologies can consume incredible amounts of your time and money and can be very frustrating.

In this session you will learn that there is a systematic way to successfully build your online business. These are the 4 steps of the Agile Online Business Success System you will learn:

  1.       Tame the Tech
  2.       Clarify your Business Strategy
  3.       Create Compelling Conversations
  4.       Sprint to Success

About Dr. Tom Teague

Tom Teague is founder of Choice Digital Strategies and a Certified High Performance Coach.™ He combines his 30+ year career in leading...

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Alexandria Tomayko

Lead & Revenue Generating Events


About Alexandria Tomayko

Business consultant and CEO, Alexandria Tomayko is the founder of Nomadic Planning and A Conscious Coach Conference. Having grown up in a home where events were always over the top and amazingly executed, she appreciates the importance of creating incredible memories for her clients through her own experiences. She continues this tradition of hosting and creating unique experiences through her organization, Nomadic Planning in the form of retreats, workshops and multi-day events. Ms. Tomayko has over 13 years of experience in event planning, business consulting, and operations and logistics. Wanting to give back to the community with her gifts of planning and execution, she created A Conscious Coach Conference in the Spring of 2019; A coaching experience designed to connect coaches and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to change lives and make a difference in this world.

Ms. Tomayko completed her BA in Business...

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Krisha Young

The Ascended Coach - A Conscious Coach Conference Workshop

Stop sinking into solution hopping and a business of busywork and feast & famine.

Start Ascending into a Coaching business you LOVE.

There’s no shortage of “should’s” and false truths in the coaching entrepreneurial space - you should have this, do that in order to have a successful business. It’s easy, all you need is a list and you’ll be a millionaire! 

The try your need to have freuth is that there is no one size fits all business blueprint. They key is t otap into your unique zone of genius, focus only on what matters and leave the rest. After all, aren’t you building this business to satisfedom and to serve? 

In this enlightening workshop you will learn:

  • The most common mistakes new coaches make and how to avoid them.
  • Getting out of the confusion and weeds of to-do’s and into the founder/entrepreneur mindset. Knowing what to focus on to bring in clients and...
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