Evan Galeano

Story + Video Sells : How to Crush Video Marketing

Be prepared how to use video and storytelling to compel buyers in your online communication to actually take action from behind the screen. You will learn how to tell the right stories, how to approach talking on camera, and how to create videos that work as more than videos, but assets that drive traffic and sales. 

3 Key Takeaways: 

  1. How to crystalize your message so it lands with viewers. 
  2. How to appear more confident on camera.
  3. How to implement your videos so you are best positioned for success. 

About Evan Galeano

Evan Galeano is a video marketing strategist and runs his own video agency dedicated to growing businesses. Evan believes video is the most powerful tool in the world to grow a business and movement online, so he began creating video business cards and the marketing strategies around them, to share his client's stories in a way that creates understanding, and compels buyers to take action...

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Alex Meade

Always Be Helping! How Inbound Marketing can Grow your Business

You are great at your job! You are amazing at working with your clients and helping with their challenges. But, you don’t know where to start with marketing. You have heard you should have good SEO, you should be on social media, and you MUST have a website. This all sounds overwhelming, right? You are not alone!

Inbound marketing methodology that utilizes the knowledge and expertise you have to attract, engage and delight your prospects and customers through educational, informative, and value-based content. 

In this presentation, you will learn how to identify who your ideal customer is, how to build a simple content strategy to attract new prospects, acquire more customers, and keep them longer. Oh, and we hope you have a little fun in the process.

3 Key Take-aways:

  1. Identify & Understand who is your target your customer (buyer persona).
  2. Build an inbound marketing strategy targeting your buyer persona
  3. ...
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Mike O'Neil

Going Further and Faster with LinkedIn

This snappy presentation first puts audience members on the same page with LinkedIn. Then it focuses on LinkedIn's expanding role in the modern business world including targeting, content, posting, network building, messaging, systemization, data and CRM systems. 

There is something for everyone. It is simple, yet advanced; fun, yet serious. Special 4-page LinkedIn InfoGuides heighten the experience. Those that are the most familiar with LinkedIn will gain the most.

About Mike O'Neil

Mike O’Neil, CEO of Integrated Alliances, is a true LinkedIn industry pioneer who reached the exclusive LinkedIn summit of 30,000 connections in 2009 on his way to winning two Forbes Top 50 Social Media awards. He authored “Rock the World with LinkedIn” and has contributed to dozens of other social media books. He is known as “The LinkedIn Rockstar” in social media circles. Since 2004, Mike has been coaching, training and...

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Laura Rubenstein

Instagram Strategies for Lead Generation  

Instagram draws 10x more engagement for business accounts than any other social network! Think there are only millenials there? Think again 33% are age 29 to 49. And now the millenials are gaining more purchasing power. If you're ready to leverage Instagram and be seen by more of your target market, join us for this high content session. Especially if you are perplexed because some Instagrammers get tons of followers and engagement and others don't! Would you like more leads coming from Instagram? Laura Rubinstein is pulling back the curtain and sharing the strategies that businesses are using to attract and engage their ideal clients. You'll walk away excited to use this fun platform, have a playbook of what to do next, and discover:

  • Simple optimization hacks that make you more findable
  • Types of posts that grow your popularity
  • Pro tips for engaging your target market
  • Strategies to grow your leads for your business

About Laura...

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Jenny Scholl

Always Be Closing ... with Purpose and Authenticity

How to align your offer, your energy and your mission to create ease and abundance.

About Jenny Sholl

Jenny Scholl helps individuals, brands, and corporations align with and use their authentic voice to increase sales and the amount of impact they can have on the world. From creating six-figure individual sponsorships to taking companies from start-up to IPO to building communities to support infrastructure projects in developing nations, Jenny’s work as an Impact Consultant spans multiple industries and continents as she continues to teach the importance of alignment in life and business through her program Burn Bright, don’t Burn Out™. 

Connect With Jenny Sholl

Founder, Circulate Good

Website: www.jennyscholl.com 

Email: jenny@jennyscholl.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jennyscholl

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennyschollca/

Instagram: ...

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Jessica Shaanan

Never miss an opportunity again: The Art & Science of Networking

3 Key Take-aways:

  1. The Whole Picture of Networking: Understand the deep potential and importance of a properly developed network, so that you can socialize with the end result in mind
  2. Become An Elegant Conversationalist: The science, art, and value of small talk
  3. Make powerful requests & Build Trust
  4. Turn prospects into clients, strangers into into friends, and Network into Net Worth.

Connect with Jessica

Website: www.JessicaShaanan.com


Twitter: @JShaanan

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-shaanan-6974257/  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jshaanan  

Email: jshaanan@gmail.com 

Other: http://www.youtube.com/c/JessicaShaanan 

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