Shola Abraham

Sound of the Soul

About Shola Abraham

Shola is a Mindfulness meditation teacher, an intuitive life coach and Sound healer. Her belief is that there’s no one size fits all on a spiritual path; So, She’s always learning and practicing different healing modalities for herself & sharing lovingly with others. She host group workshops and meditation healing retreats in San Diego CA.

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Dr. Allen Bittaker

Breathwork and SRI Facilitator 


  • Breathwork techniques
  • How to Navigate the Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster with more ease
  • Frameworks for effortless change 

About Dr Allen Bittaker

Dr. Allen Bittaker is a Network Spinal practitioner and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) facilitator who specializes in helping High Performers reach their full potential, experience more energy, and optimize their conscious awareness. He combines the power of spirituality, personal development, and chiropractic to enhance the wellness of his clients. Dr. Allen is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs to become leaders in their careers, relationships, and lives.

Connect with Dr Allen Bittaker

Facebook: Allen Bittaker

Facebook Group: Biohacking For Entrepreneurs 

Instagram: drabittaker,  Dr. Allen Bittaker

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Katy Bray

Perfectionism and Stress: The Art of Managing Expectation
... Katy Bray

You can have it all but you can’t do it all. Perfectionism and the stress that comes along with it is one of the quickest ways to burn yourself out. To outsiders looking in, you appear to be super motivated and have it all together. While there is truth to that, on the inside, you are overly hard on yourself and don’t feel you have it as together as you appear. In this talk, you will learn the key ways to curb your perfectionism, reduce stress and leave room for you to breathe while you hit your project out of the park.

About Kay Bray

Katy Bray is the cofounder of Lead with Lights on. She is a lifelong clairvoyant who went on to become a Vedic Master, herbalist, Student of Tantra and is a non-denominational ordained minister. Her body of work is based on multi-dimensional living and teaching people about their Energy Architecture. She has worked with over 12,000...

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Matthew Cooke

Shift from Grind to Aligned for Greater Focus + Performance
... Matthew Cooke

Where do your most productive ideas come from? The shower, a walk on the beach, or maybe on a drive? It’s never at your desk...

Most entrepreneurs are on the emotional roller coaster of their business. Shift from Grind to Aligned in Focus + Performance will teach you research-back to neuroscience and practices to help you ground yourself throughout the day, feel inspired, and have great relationships at home. So you can consistently grow your business without the high-highs and the low-lows. 

Let’s throw out the burn out and overwhelm. So you can create and contribute more Aligned results for Humanity.

About Matthew Cooke

Matthew Cooke, the Founder and Creator of Body-Based Breakthrough and The Supreme Performance Academy, is an expert on the Neuroscience of Unconscious Productivity + Fulfillment. For close to a decade, Matthew has helped conscious entrepreneurs create sustainable...

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Robert Harrison

What is NLP and How Does It Work - To Make You a Better Coach

In this presentation you’ll discover the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and enter a conversation about how you can use it to become a better coach and get FAST results with clients.

  • Learn a simple technique for getting un-stuck in your coaching business.
  • Understand the basics of NLP and how you can use it to improve your service offering.
  • Discover how to manage your mental and emotional state for peak performance.
  • Explore the future of NLP in Coaching

About Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison is A Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor of Hypnosis through the National Guild of Hypnotists, trainer, and partner with NLP Institute of California, former President of the Master Hypnotist Society, and founder of The Hypnotist Academy, Robert has created award-winning Hypnosis programs that are proven and road tested.He is the author of ‘First 50 Clients: A Toolkit for Hypnotists and...

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April Walker

Reiki and Energy Management

What is Reiki?

How would Reiki benefit me personally and in my business?

What is energy management / energy management tools.

About April Walker

April Walker specializes in integrated energy healing and works with people worldwide to up level their energy balance. Her work has been featured in French Reiki magazine La Lettre. Recently, April published her second book: "Integrated Energy Healing for Empaths and Empathic Children”.

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Siobhan Wilcox

How to Uplevel Your Home to Support You

Do you work from home?  Did you realize that your environment has a direct impact on your success levels and consciousness. 

It can be locked for money or health, that you can literally be allowing money to go down the drain. 

Join Siobhan Wilcox, who has been healing properties for over 25 years and discover the magic of Feng Shui to help you Uplevel your life and career.

  • Discover how your home is impacting you
  • Learn how to unlock your home so it helps you Uplevel
  • Learn to amplify your Home’s Prosperity Energy

About Siobhan Wilcox

Siobhán is originally from Ireland and now lives in Oceanside; she is a best-selling author, Soul Whisperer, Home Harmonizer & Intuitive Coach. Her passion is to help others turn on their OWN MAGIC, increase their intuition, creativity & joy and release them from a life-time of emotional burden.  She helps to UPLEVEL lives, homes and relationships with ease. Healing since...

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