Sylvia Becker-Hill

Closing the Pricing Gap – gain the confidence for premium prices which empower your clients AND fill your bank accounts

Every second coach makes less than $50 000 revenue per year. Every second coach goes out of business before the end of his third year in business because it is not sustainable.

Sylvia Becker-Hill is committed to change that. Because she knows that for every coach who goes out of business there are thousands of people world-wide whose goals stay unreached and whose dreams stay unfulfilled.

One huge difficulty for most coaches is to get their “head around pricing.” Especially women have a tendency to undercharge and make less revenue than their male coaching peers. Learn how to design your prices so they empower your clients AND fill your bank accounts.

Workshop Outcomes/Benefits include:

  • Get the transformation and information you need to raise your confidence and your prices on the spot
  • Be inspired and empowered by a pricing philosophy that is in...
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Dave Buck

Play Life With Tenacious Self Love

Life is a playground; not a school and definitely not a job. You can play life as a performance art, a competitive game or a hero’s quest. To Play BIG means to express your unique self fully and contribute to the world. Tenacious Self-Love means to proactively STOP making any aspect of your humanness into the enemy. For example, there is no such thing as self-sabotage or limiting self-beliefs. Your fears are not your enemy! They are your friends and when you embrace them they will guide you to your superpowers like a treasure map. #PlayLife

About Dave Buck

 Coach Dave Buck is an MBA, Master Certified Coach and the CEO of CoachVille the original global community for Coaches with over 38,000 members. A global survey of 10,000 professional coaches named Coach Dave the 7th most influential person. Dave is a Founding Member of the Transformational Leadership Council with Jack Canfield. He has been featured on CBS, Fox News, The Aware...

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Charles Clay

Train Your Mind to Lead with Your Heart for greater alignment, impact and fulfillment

What to do when you feel stuck, misaligned or overwhelmed? 

Experience The Guided MBM Practice (specific Movements, Breathwork and Meditation) to release resistance, re-align with your heart, and take inspired action. 

3 Benefits:

  1. Learn how to turn stress into focused energy to help more people.
  2. Increase Productivity and free-time with the Laser Focus Method.
  3. Make Working Fun again.

About Charles Clay

Charles Clay is a dynamic Speaker, Published Author, Men’s Empowerment Coach and Founder of M Powered Men’s Mastermind and Group Training as well as a Neurokinetic Pain Relief Specialist.

He has dedicated his life’s work to optimizing our human potential by improving the mind-body-soul connection. Charles has helped countless men transform their pain into purpose with his Roadmap to Self-Healing & Self-Mastery and he offers powerful and playful practices for...

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Diane Forster

How to Reinvent Your Life and Live Intentionally

Learn how to go from being overwhelmed and feeling stuck to living your life with passion, excitement and purpose with Diane's 3-Step Intentional Living Process.

Diane knows how it feels to reach a point of no return where life seems to be spiraling out of control. Through her own painful journey out of chaos, Diane discovered how to transform those spiraling forces into POWER and changed her life forever. Diane teaches you exactly how you can do it, too.

Through Diane's years' of experience and her journey back to herself, she discovered How to Live with Intention and How to Use the POWER of Your Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Actions to Create Life on Your Own Terms. She teaches you how to do it as well through her 6 Easy-to-Implement Secrets that will have you Living the "I HAVE TODAY" Way!

Diane's audiences sit on the edge of their seats, leaning in, moving from tears to laughter, as they feel the positive, empowering shifts...

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Alisha Frank

Manifesting the Unknown

  • Learn the ins-and-outs of manifestation
  • Removing distractions
  • Finding gratitude
  • Masculine vs. Feminine wants and needs
  • Staying authentic to the Self
  • And much, much more!

About Alisha Frank

Alisha Hawrylyszyn Frank is a NYU certified life coach, Reiki Master, meditation teacher, yoga instructor and writer for MindBodyGreen and The Chopra Center who is best known for her empathetic nature, non-judgmental approach and light-hearted humor

Connect With Alisha Frank

Fiercely Optimistic







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Dr. John Jacob

How your interaction style affects the success of your business

We have created an algorithm that can predict relationship outcomes for all relationship types even before your very first interaction. The algorithm is based on a new understanding of how our Neurohormones influence our needs and how we and our clients interact to get those needs met. 

You will learn the 5 basic needs every client or customer is desperate to have satisfied. Connection is the fancy word to describe a deep “bond”, and the new science about this applies to all relationships. Your clients, your partner, your children, your co-workers, all need to feel connected to you in order to be influenced by you to perform. Your interactions either build or break down that relationship or bond. A client also needs to feel connected to feel safe. When a client feels safe you can get them to do whatever you’re asking. Do you want them to change? Do you want them to make a purchase or to invest in...

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J'aime Radow

The 3 Simple Steps to UNLOCKING a MENTAL BLOCK

Put out the confusion fire

Learn how to quickly stop looping, and start moving forward with purpose.

Take aways.

  1. Stop looping
  2. Get clear on what you need
  3. Move forward with confidence 

About J'aime Radow

J'aime Radow advises conscious leaders to powerfully communicate their unique mission to themselves, others, and the world.

She has spent the last decade as a trusted advisor to executives at Fortune 500 companies, attorneys at Am Law 50 firms, entrepreneurs, physicians, professional athletes, and creatives. Guiding them to redefine themselves, their businesses, pivot, or up-level, and step into an expanded version of themselves. To create and fully express an aligned personal brand. 

 She infuses her experience as a futurist and corporate brand strategist with practical personal development tools and experiential integration. She has been called an “essence translator & activator,” helping high...

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Ania Volovique

The Ultimate Reframe: How a shift in perspective, and choice of words will transform your reality.

3 Main Takeways:

  • Power of Intention
  • The Energy of Words 
  • The Magic of Giving Through Receiving

About Ania Volovique

Just a month ago, doctors diagnosed Ania Volovique with brain cancer. Days later, on her 36th birthday, she woke up in the hospital, just after undergoing emergency surgery to remove what surgeons said was an aggressive 5 cm wide tumor.

Ania has consciously chosen to embrace this cancer experience, reframing what many would consider to be “worst-case scenario" into what she considers to be the best birthday present she's received yet. 

Ania has been vulnerably sharing the insights and blessings she's been receiving throughout this journey. Join her on Saturday as she shares how anything in life can be reframed into a best-case scenario.

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Arianne Zabriskie

Why Coaches are Forging the Path of Psychology
... Arianna Zabriskie

A session designed to motivate, inspire, and innovate how we view coaching and therapy. An in-depth look at why Coaches are forging the way for all health professionals alike and how we can collaborate for an ultimate healing experience.

About Arianna Zabriskie

Arianna Zabriskie has her masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Arianna works with clients from a mindfulness, emotion-focused, integrative approach that merges the traditional perspectives to healing with the non-traditional. 

Connect With Arienna Zabriskie


Instagram @Ariannazabriskie




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